Product Overview

The 2C8 is the first amplifier from Davis Amplification and has gone through an intense three years of development before being made available.

The footswitch allows you to swap effortlessly between the clean channel and the distortion channel. The clean channel is crystal clear and replicates the sound of your playing exactly while the dual controls of the distortion channel allow you to dial in the exact amount of crunch you like.

Our exciting new FX loop design also has a dual control allowing you to blend the wet signal from your FX pedals with the dry signal from the amplifier effectively doubling the controllability compared to a normal FX loop.

To further the usability of the amplifier we have included a four, eight and sixteen Ohm output jacks sockets so that you can use the amp with almost any speaker cabinet.


  • Model - 2C8
  • Channels - 2
  • Wattage - 8W
  • Outputs - 4, 8 and 16 Ohms
  • Controls - Clean Volume, Distortion Drive, Distortion Intensity, Distortion Volume, Pre FX Level, FX Level, Master Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass.
  • Valves - ECC83 (12AX7EH), EL34LS
  • Accessories - Channel switch pedal, power lead.
  • Weight - 12Kgs
  • Dimensions - 400 x 200 x 180 mm


Our current amplifier, the 2C8 has been in development for three years and has been through six finished prototypes and thousands of hours of fine-tuning.

We haven't just copied an amplifier from the 60s or 70s like a lot of new brands; we have created something new combining the best of traditional valve technology while filling our amplifiers with the latest electronics.

The chassis is also completely unique for an amplifier taking inspiration from ideas used by the automotive and aerospace industries. This gives the amplifier its strength and makes it easy for servicing, which we insist is taken on by either ourselves or by a qualified service technician.


We use a wide range of testing equipment and also have our amplifiers checked and certified by independent bodies to make sure they adhere to the standards expected by retails all over the United Kingdom.

We have also used our amplifiers for many hours ourselves with a range of great guitars including a 2015 custom Tom Anderson Angel Drop Top, a 2014 Limited Edition Fender Telecaster HH, a 2014 PRS Custom 24 30th Anniversary and a 1998 American Standard Stratocaster.

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